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XeroHero Man holding his iPad tablet using Xero with Dear Cin7 or Opmetrix
Xero Accounting add-ons can be difficult. But with Xero Hero, it is a breeze.

Xero Hero – Cloud Integrator | We make your life easier.

We are the Xero Heroes. We will help you understand what apps your industry needs and how they integrate with Xero. From migration to set up, we’re here for all of it! Our team has helped hundreds of businesses just like yours in whatever area they need assistance – so don’t hesitate to contact us today if this sounds right for you too!

Xero Hero offers Xero add-on module support to Retail, Wholesale and Tradies to advance their businesses by using revolutionising cloud-based software. As Australia’s number one company for Cloud Integration, we are the natural choice of business to improve their systems and offer expert and enterprise knowledge in various solutions.

We look at what your business needs and match it with the right cloud-based software solution. Our clients are amazed to see how our services transform their businesses in just a couple of weeks. They learn how to increase their productivity, decreased administration while maximizing profits. We love to see our clients succeed as we guide them through the options and solutions available to grow their businesses.

You probably already derived from our website name that we deal with Xero Accounting. Xero Hero does indeed deal with Xero, but more specifically with add-on modules that integrate into Xero. There are many good add-on modules for Xero, and just trying to find the right one is nearly impossible. We are here to help you with the ones we know inside out, alternatively, we offer a Solution Research service.

The range of add-on modules we specialise in are:

Questions you might have:

“Where do we start, which software will fit our company processes, how much does it cost, and who will implement it and offer maximum training?”

These are the questions we answer with our expert knowledge and consulting services. Our team comprises of experts who have implemented hundreds of software solutions over the last 20 years. We solve process and system problems for various industries, including Job Costing, Retail, Distribution, e-Commerce, Accounting, Integration and Reporting. In 2017 we decided to diversify our portfolio to include the compelling and versatile Xero accounting platform and its rich eco-system by focussing on the add-on modules mentioned above.

Since 2018, Xero has made incredible inroads previously dominated by larger ERP software organisations like Myob, ABM and Sage. What used to be a simple online accounting system catapulted toward total relevancy when more and more people adopted it. We have been using Xero since 2012 and have seen steady improvements over the last couple of years, and we are very impressed. Knowing every system has its own challenges, hidden options, and sometimes complicated processes, we decided to offer our assistance to our clients.

We are here to help because there are achievable solutions, but sometimes difficult paths, and you need an expert or even a hero. Once again, welcome. Allow Xero Hero to catapult your business to new heights, and meet your need every step of the way.

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